Mohamed's Story

mohamed (1).jpg

I was born and raised in the Sahara desert, my family moved to the village of M'Hamid el Ghizlane when desertification and lack of water meant our traditional nomadic life was no longer possible. As children we were given baby camels as pets and I would spend hours playing with them in the dunes. If I was naughty I was sent to collect water in bare feet across the burning hot sand.

Then I moved to study in different cities where I saw the sea for the first time in my life. Being there made me think how much different the life is and how different the luck people have, some have no water to drink and some swim enjoying the huge sea.

I moved back to the south to study what I like to do, films and photography. I love playing with my cameras and creating my own world in videos and photos; I’m trying to draw the world I want to live in and awake from the dream.

My country has everything one needs in life: mountains, forests, ocean and desert. But we have the most important thing, especially in the southern villages, we have each other. We care about each other and we respect other cultures, nations and religions.

Morocco is where you’ll feel that we need each other and we can’t live fighting each other in everything. It is where you can see how simple life is and how difficult we can make it for ourselves in different countries.

It would be with pleasure to guide you through the beautiful diversity of my home and share in this cultural experience with Magic Bus Morocco!

Sean Stillmaker