We work honestly and harmoniously to unite an ethical philosophy and sense of adventure that provides our travellers with everlasting knowledge and infinite curiosity. The following are our guiding principals whilst travelling together.


Social impact

We are a socially responsible company fuelled by a deep respect for local cultures and pride ourselves on being a window to fair-trade commerce.

As every object has a soul and story, the generations of crafting experience and symbolism behind the plethora of artisan-made goods found throughout Morocco is truly unique, which we equally balance trade and appreciation.

With improvements being made to economic opportunities and curbing emigration, our focus is on creating valuable employment and contributing to a circular local economy that spurs investment in infrastructure that emphasises environmental sustainability and preserving traditional craftsmanship.


Cultural exchange

Sharing conversation over mint tea is part of the tapestry of daily life in Morocco, and lifelong friendships often result from a chance encounter. You will find that Moroccan people are as curious about you as you are of them; together we’ll learn about each other’s family, country and way of life.

The immersive tour experiences we offer are designed for intimate authenticity empowering both local communities and travellers. This is also extended to the environments visited, from traditional Moroccan riads and ancient earth-built kasbahs to tented desert camps, we choose special places illustrating the beautiful diversity of Morocco, whilst providing an enriching cultural experience.



We are committed to treating our planet with reverence and sanctity. Therefore, consideration of our carbon footprint and reducing it as much as possible is performed every step of the way.

Traditional craft is more important than ever, both as a way of celebrating and preserving community and culture, but also serving as inspiration with its intrinsic reliance on eco-friendly and sustainable materials with handmade production processes.

The prevalence of mass-production and encouragement of mass-consumption is a detrimental cycle exploiting people and planet. The very nature of artisan craft is exclusive singularity as quantity is limited, which creates an intimate connection between product, producer and purchaser.