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Discovering the real Morocco is what we’re all about. With a deep and intimate view of this beautiful, complex and multi-layered country, not only will you travel lesser known routes, you will quite possibly be the only visitors at some of Morocco's most photogenic hidden gems — places not appearing on recommendation lists.

We believe crafting traditions are a window to the culture and soul of a country. You’ll discover little has changed over the centuries as communities craft by hand using materials readily available, which we now appreciate is harmonic with the natural environment. On our tours, you’ll meet and make with artisans who continue the skilled traditions passed from generations previous.

So why the Magic Bus? Well you might recall the utopian dreams of the 60’s and 70's when a generation of young bohemian travellers took their bus on the road for a counter cultural experience. We embody this spirit of adventure with open hearts, minds and understanding of the magical spark when a group of people come together on a shared journey.

Above all though, it is the people of Morocco that make travelling in this country such a magical experience. The warmth of welcome is legendary and for those with very little, to share with you what they have, is both humbling and life affirming.

It’s with profound awareness of the economic challenges facing much of the population that sound ethical principles are the bedrock of Magic Bus Morocco. Ethical tourism can have a positive impact on the lives of those we encounter along the journey, and in return, encourage us to reflect on the privileges and freedoms we so easily take for granted.

As a truly international partnership, the Magic Bus team combines its extensive expertise to bring you a unique and immersive cultural tour experience.


Bohemia Design

Jenny, the founder and creative director of Bohemia Design, has spent her life immersed in arts and crafts. Over the past 20+ years she has been a frequent visitor to Morocco where she has established her own workshops to support the ethical production of contemporary artisanal crafts. Having developed an extensive network within the artisan communities, it’s her passion to share her knowledge and see these traditional skills survive and flourish for future generations. A serial entrepreneur and transformational life coach, Jenny is available for one-to-one coaching sessions as part of your tour. Jenny speaks French, badly, and enough Moroccan Arabic to make people laugh!


majestic disorder

Kelley and Sean founded majestic disorder, an independent arts + culture print magazine to document the ever-evolving and growing global community of creative travellers. This blossoms through their creative agency, which extensively works in Morocco with independent operators to the Moroccan Tourism Board. From producing events in the Sahara to developing brands, they endlessly seek inspiration from the myriad global cultures. Read more about their magazine and creative agency.


Mohamed Elaamrani

As a fully licensed guide with over a decade of experience leading commercial and private group tours through Morocco, Mohamed will happily share everything and more about the history, culture and traditions of his country. Born in the Sahara desert to a nomadic family, he’s multi-lingual, like many in Morocco, speaking fluent English, French, Darija, Arabic, Berber and Hassania (his tribal language). Read more about his story.